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A sketchbook for a Carpenter trend:

Woodworked objects and architecture, handcrafted design and jocular aesthetics are some of the reasons to take note of an emerging Carpenter trend simmering at the end of 2011. The carpenter look can be seen embraced by the street, catwalks and urban artists alike. With fashionable tool bags, exposed and engulfed pocket bags providing a new flavour to the typical workwear style. A playful twist is encouraged with comical variants of the straps and braces of dungarees.


"Marshall Artsist Fall/Winter 2011"

1. Artwork by Delta
2. Marshall Artist fall/winter 2011

New Era cap

3. New Era Denim cap 2011 Asia exclusive

Street Artists

Thom Thom Street Art
Ron Van der Ende recycled scrap art

4. Thom Thom street art
5. Ron Van der Ende recycled scraps art

Dutch grafitti artist Boris Tellegen AKA Delta famed for his unique style of patchwork and robotic style sculptures recently exhibited ‘Abundance’ at the Alice Gallery in Brussels. His abstract isometric lettering style has seen him apply his style to vinyl toys, retro arcade games (Atari Classics for Nintendo DS) to DJ Vadim’s USSR: Life from the Other Side album cover.

Fellow Dutchman Ron van der Ende creates sculptures constructed from found scraps of wood. He removes the screws, nails etc from the scrap and creates the bas-relief effect using plain wood.  As a final layer adds the coloured pieces enhancing the sculptures amplified perspective.

French urban street artist Jacques Schmitt AKA Thom Thom hijacks advertising billboards. Armed with a Stanley knife he reinterprets the billboards cleverly by cutting and slicing previous adverts and re-laying them to create striking re-constructed mosaic stories.  Check his process in action in the video below.

Thom Thom in action filmed by Galerie Math Goth


 6Scrapture Street Shot Tokyo  7  8Scrapture street shot, Tokyo

6. Scrapture Street Shot, Tokyo
7. Ollie Magazine Supreme spring/summer 2011 feat Tyler the Creator of  OFWGKTA
8. Scrapture Street Shot, Tokyo

Braces & Dungarees Play

As seen on the streets of Tokyo, the dungaree gets a playful and inventive way of wearing the everyday garment.

 9Scrapture street shot, Tokyo  10Scrapture street shot, Tokyo  11Scrapture street shot, Tokyo

9. Scrapture Street Shot, Tokyo
10. Mr Snap Street Shot, Tokyo
11. Scrapture Street Shot, Tokyo

Carpenters Tool Sack

Witnessed on both the catwalks and the streets, tool bags and sacks are a noted feature accessory.    

 12Vivenne Westwood spring/summer 2011  13Miharayasuhiro spring/summer 2012  14Christopher Shannon autumn/winter 2011

12. Vivenne Westwood spring/summer 2011
13. Miharayasuhiro spring/summer 2012
14. Christopher Shannon autumn/winter 2011

 15Scrapture street shot, Tokyo  16Scrapture street shot, Tokyo  17Scrapture street shot, Tokyo

15.16.17 Scrapture Street Shot, Tokyo

etnies PAS Skateboard house

Wood crafting skills will be needed if Californian based architect Francois Perrin is to create the skaters paradise home. The 2,200 square foot family home is being built for Etnies boss Pierre-André Senizergues in California overlooking Malibu’s Las Flores Canyon. The house is designed so that everything is skateable, from the kitchen to the sofa so you can apply your dynamic skating skills. This skateboard everything utopia is similar in ethos to the furniture design of Skate Study House whose designs are featured in the living room. Check the video to see the working model of the living room which was on display earlier this year at Paris’ La Gaîté Lyrique.

Etnies PAS Skateboard House
Etnies PAS Skateboard House

18.19. PAS House at Paris’ La Gaîté Lyrique

Toys & Accessories

The wood and grain look is a growing aesthetic with Medicom releasing two wooden pieces in 2011. The Bearbrick Horizon 400% and 1000% edition are design contributions of woodworking shop Karimoku. The 1000% version can be seen at the Bearbrick Worldwide Tour 2 at the Parco Museum, Shibuya, Tokyo from 3rd – 12th December 2011.

Sneakers are also showing an interest in this trend with the exposed grainy mid-sole of Jil Sander’ s 2012 sping/summer release and Nike Air Royal Mid SO edition.

We also see the natural wooden, joining of wooden aesthetic in sunglasses. Particular interest in the Shwood manufacturing process who handcraft their eyewear from wood and embrace it’s natural unique look to execute some fine pieces of eyewear.  Check the video below to see how they turn skateboards into sunglasses at their Portland based workshop.

Bearbrick Horizon by Medicom
Bearbrick Karimoku by Medicom
Jil Sander spring/summer 2012
Nike Mid air royal

20. Bearbrick Horizon 400%
21. Bearbrick Worldwide tour 2 1000% 
22. Jil Sander spring/summer 2012
23. Nike Mid air royal SO

Waiting for the Sun

24. Waiting for the Sun naturel sunglasses

Shwood Skateboard Shades

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