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A Lab story

A schematic for a Lab Story:

Innovation in materials combined with a clean and clinical colour palette leads the direction for a Laboratory trend. The look exemplified by both the catwalks and streets alike with medical scrubs, lab coats and anti-bacterial material developments such as Tyvek venturing towards product design in apparel and accessories.  Scientific and microscopic graphics amplify the trend.


1. Stone Island R&D


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2. 3. Avalon Snap street shot, Tokyo

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4. RID Snap street shot, Tokyo
5. Stone Island liquid reflective Jacket autumn/winter 2010/11
6. RID Snap street shot, Tokyo

Applied Science

The lab innovation doctors have been cooking up some cutting edge material and construction revelations with Nike and Stone Island leading from the front.

Nike Hyperfuse

A groundbreaking technology, the Nike Hyperfuse; unveiled mid 2011, is a refreshing approach to developing a stitch-less shoe upper. The technology creates a durable three layer composite material; one for stability, one for breathability and the third for durability. All three layers are fused together using heat and pressure to create a level of precision unattainable via traditional cut-and-sew methods.

The unibody design pushed the boundaries and results in lightweight, breathable footwear. The catalyst for Hyperfuse started two years ago with an inspiration trip to China by Nike Basketball and was led by two lab scientists of Nike’s innovation kitchen; Shane Kohatsu (Head of Innovation, Nike Basketball) and Ben Schaffer (Head of Sportswear Design) both can be seen explaining the development process of the Hyperfuse technology in the video below. The unique process also creates a  striking aesthetic of visible overlays of the shoes construction, although an happy accident, the designers embraced the look as a design style.

With this unique tool in the armory, the “Hyperfuse” evolved from a shoe to a technology as other sports exploited the lightweight and breathable benefits that the process delivered. The streamlined fabrication and minimalist look of Hyperfuse is also being introduced into apparel and accessories.

 7  8

7.Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse fall/winter 2011
8. Nike Windrunner Hyperfuse

Hyperfuse Tech by Innovation Kitchen

Stone Island Ice Jacket

Following on from revolutionising outerwear with the Liquid Reflective jacket. Stone Island continue their assault for innovative materials in the Research & Development laboratory with the Ice Jacket.

The fabric of the Ice Jacket, has a water and wind resistant thermo-chromatic coating that changes colour according to variations in temperature. The molecules of the coating’s micro-encapsulated pigments modify the passage of light and morph in relation to temperature. Check the video below to see it in action.

9 10 11

9.10.11. Stone Island heat reactive Jacket spring/summer 2011

Stone Island R&D Ice Jacket

Laboratory Scrubs

Calvin Klein epitomized the medical and clinical aesthetic with their spring/summer 2012 collection. With a relaxed and boxy silhouette for sports styles, the look develops with careful material selection.

 13  14  15

12.14. Eyescream street shot
13.15, Calvin Klein spring/summer 2012

Clinical Blue

Clean Blue and denim overlay combinations contribute seemly to the trend. Clean material treatments are applied to accessories demonstrated by Saskia Diez Tyvek bag. Tyvek known for it’s strength and resistance to bacteria penetration is an ideal lender as a material to this growing trend of anti-bacteria fabric developments. The one colour Nike Hyperfuse  Dunk collection demonstrates the clinical beauty of one tonal colour with the Hyperfuse’s no stitch construction technique.


16. Scrapture street shot, Tokyo
17. CLSTR Snap street shot

 18  19

18. Saskia Diez Tyvek Bag
19. Nike Air Force 1 Hyperfuse fall/winter 2011

Lab Coats

Lab coats have been seen on recent catwalks and increasingly on the streets of Tokyo

 20  21  22

20. Petar Petrov spring/summer 2011
21. Yaeca Shop Coat
22. TUNE Magazine July 2010

The White Shirt


23. RID Snap street shot
24. Scrapture street shot, Tokyo

 25  26  27

25. Mint Snap street shot
26.27. Scrapture street shot, Tokyo

Petri Dish graphics

Microscopic graphics and printing styles continue to emerge on apparel, the graphics and art scenes. The photographic typography of Tiana Vasilijev displays the alphabet like a living organism, created using marbeling ink, each individual letter was organically formed with a pipette.

The work of  Gilles Revel’s Bubble Sphere exudes the Petri Dish style and exemplifies it, combining an ever changing modulation of bubbles likened to biologists culturing of cells. 

 28  29

28. Dries Van Norten spring/summer 2011
29. Tiana Vasilijev Marble Typeface

 30  31

30. Gilles Revel Bubble Sphere
31. Avalon Snap street shot, Tokyo

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